+ Wall Preperation

  • All drywall must be sealed.
  • Semi Gloss paint is the best application surface
  • Textured wall surfaced are not advised
  • Matte or Semi Matte paint surface is not advised
  • Paint must be fully cured per manufacturers instructions
  • Avoid "washable" painted surfaces
  • Avoid Oil Based paints
  • Repair existing wall damage
  • Remove outlet, switch covers, vents, etc.
  • Clean Wall with 70% Isopropyl Alcohol and lint free towel twice and wait 10 mins for it to fully dry
  • Ideal application temperature is above 70 degrees F
  • Material comes with 1" extra (overage) to allow for uneven walls

+ Step by Step Install

  1. Measure 22” from the left edge of your wall and make a light pencil mark
  2. Draw a vertical line at 22” from floor to ceiling
  3. Pick up Panel 2 and align the left edge against the line
  4. There will be 1" extra on the top and the bottom of the panel
  5. Place 6 pieces of tape on the edge of the panel to secure it properly in place
  6. Remove the top 2 pieces of tape and remove the first 14" of the material and expose the liner
  7. Trim off the liner and lay the material flat on the wall
  8. Squeegee the material left and right and up to the top edge of the material
  9. Release the rest of the liner and continue to squeegee the rest of the material all the way to the bottom of the panel
  10. Take your squeegee and use really good pressure on the installed panel, especially on all four edges
  11. Grab the next panel and tape it up in place, being sure to align any objects that continue form one panel to the next. TIP: there is a 3/4" overlap
  12. Repeat Steps 4-11
  13. When you get to the last panel on the right edge, trim flush to the edge of the wall
  14. To install Panel 1 use the inverse merhod and trim flush to the left edge
  15. Re-Squeegee all edges to insure proper adhesion
  16. Use your knife to trim the top and bottom edge, then resqueegee the entire area